Version History

Beta v0.6.0.0

    Fixed timber GWP values. There was a conversion error.

Beta v0.5.0.0

    Fixed bug where concrete composite floor areas were being double counted. Both structural and structural deck layer were given an area, it has been fixed to assign a zero area to the structural deck layer.
    Updated concrete GWP values to NRMCA EPD 11/16/2019.

Beta v0.4.0.0

    Added Factor to increase/decrease volume.
    Fixed previous user input restoration.
    When given custom rebar weight, distribute to elements according to ratio.
    Added tooltips to column headers.

Beta v0.3.0.0

    Fixed bug where Metal Roof Decks were counting the actual deck volume and the full depth volume. The full depth volume is no longer counted.
    Fixed bug with density unit. Converting density (mass) and unit weight (force) differently now.

Beta v0.2.0.0

    Changed "Carbon Leadership Forum Beacon" link to "CLF Benchmark Study".
    Look for material density in "Unit weight" parameter if nothing is found in "Density" parameter.

Beta v0.1.0.0

    Initial Beta Release
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