Version History

Beta v0.7.0.0

  • Updated CLF Benchmark study link.

  • Added Revit 2021 support.

  • Added Revit 2022 support.

Beta v0.6.0.0

  • Fixed timber GWP values. There was a conversion error.

Beta v0.5.0.0

  • Fixed bug where concrete composite floor areas were being double counted. Both structural and structural deck layer were given an area, it has been fixed to assign a zero area to the structural deck layer.

  • Updated concrete GWP values to NRMCA EPD 11/16/2019.

Beta v0.4.0.0

  • Added Factor to increase/decrease volume.

  • Fixed previous user input restoration.

  • When given custom rebar weight, distribute to elements according to ratio.

  • Added tooltips to column headers.

Beta v0.3.0.0

  • Fixed bug where Metal Roof Decks were counting the actual deck volume and the full depth volume. The full depth volume is no longer counted.

  • Fixed bug with density unit. Converting density (mass) and unit weight (force) differently now.

Beta v0.2.0.0

  • Changed "Carbon Leadership Forum Beacon" link to "CLF Benchmark Study".

  • Look for material density in "Unit weight" parameter if nothing is found in "Density" parameter.

Beta v0.1.0.0

  • Initial Beta Release

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